What 2 Weeks Away From Home and a Terrible Houseguest have taught me

I was at my parents’ house for a couple of weeks and I just got back day before yesterday. My husband and some of his family was staying here while I was gone and unfortunately I came back to a house that was TRASHED. We’re talking rockstars in a hotel level of trashed. Empty baby food containers all over the place, packaging material all over the place, dirty clothes and shoes – a mess. I asked my husband about it and turned out that his sister-in-law is somewhat of a bitch. She keeps her house clean but because she considered herself a ‘guest’ here, she didn’t bother picking up so much as a piece of tissue while I was gone. My opinion on her is the stuff of legends, but the long and short of it is that it was a terribly poor show.

It took me two days to clean it all up and sort through her junk, but at the end of it (and I hate to admit this) I’ve realised I’m proud of how I keep my house. I’m proud of the fact that it took me two days to clean a mess that took two weeks to make. I’m proud of the fact that I can’t stay in a dirty environment, contrary to me always suspecting I was a slob. It’s not about being a woman or a man – it’s about taking care of the role you are given. Until I am working in some other capacity, I am a homemaker and as a homemaker, it is my job to make this house as comfortable as possible for myself and my family.

Anyway, I’m just glad things are back to normal. I don’t think housework will feel like such a chore anymore because I’ve realised that I need this for myself, to feel like I’m doing a good job of whatever I’m supposed to be doing. Shame on anyone who makes it a question of ego or pride.



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