Travel Diaries – The Great American Easter Pt 1.

There’s nothing great about this American Easter – I’m just going home to see my parents but what is a blog post without a catchy title?

I’ve had the worst ten days in recent history. A computer dying, a confusing house guest, unexpected financial issues and to top it all off, having to leave a day earlier than expected cause I didn’t read my ticket correctly. How in 8 months did I manage to not notice I’m leaving Friday and Not Thursday? How did I manage to book hotel rooms and tickets and not manage to notice the date I land? A mystery it remains, but all’s sorted now and I’m on my way home.

Home (2 of 3)

I wouldn’t say I’m a nervous traveller, but I’m an anxious pre-traveller. Did I pack everything, did I weigh my bags right, are you SURE it’s this terminal and this day and this flight? Did I charge my phone? Oh no I forgot to pack a travel pillow (I really did) etc etc. And this has been highlighted in recent years by the fact that my husband is a very good traveller and he handles everything for us. So I’ve learnt to relax but at the expense of losing my touch with travel details, meaning that when I DO travel alone now, I’m worse than before. This is the second of two solo trips I’ve taken so far this year but while that was a relatively local flight to Amsterdam from London, this is transatlantic and involves connections and what not. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly, but the point of this paragraph was the following:

My nerves have kept me from realising that I love Durham, NC more than any city in the world. Landing in the airport just instantly makes me feel at home, and while I can trace many root reasons for this, I’d like to think it’s because I love the place and I know what the next couple of weeks will bring. The weather, the sunshine, the people, the food – I have never felt happier and warmer in any place that isn’t pindi (and recently, not even there).

Looking forward to a good, stress-free, drama-free trip, minus the expected 2 fights I’ll have with my dad and 1 with my brother.



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