How I (plan to say I) took back control – Guilt Free Ambition for Women

“Why do you want to work for our company” – asks me the fictious CEO of a FTSE 500 Company.

I anawer:

One of the causes most important to me is that of equal opportunity for all – whether it is based on genders, nationalities or socio-economic status, I believe we should not be held back by circumstances beyond our control or circumstances decided before we are even born. As a woman, there is no denying that there is a certain scale we are judged against, where 0 is the perfect domestic housewife and 10 is the CEO of a company. Every woman is made to feel as if she has to choose a position on that scale – she can’t have one without foregoing the other and with that choice comes a certain amount of judgement from the outside and guilt from the inside. Well, I don’t believe in that.

No man has to make that choice, and there is no reason any woman should. I understand we all have different roles and responsibilities in life but those responsibilities should not become our disabilities. Because I believe in equal opportunity, I want to work for a company that believes the same. Your company values a woman’s contribution to your company based on her merit and ambition. It appreciates a woman’s responsibilities outside the workplace, responsibilities essential to man and society’s betterment, and chooses not to tax them for it but rather to aid them with it. Because this is a philosophy I agree with and wholeheartedly support and appreciate, I feel this company is the type of place I would want to invest my time, energy and intellectual efforts.

So yeah – these companies exist, and they want to help us. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life – not even your own maternal instincts.

Let’s see how far I manage to get with my speech. Here are the companies I have shortlisted and plan on applying to first:


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