Great/NotSoGreat Things I Did This Week


  1. I hosted a 10 people brunch. 
    And this is Legit one of the best things I did because let me tell you – it is not easy. Eggs and toast are one thing but achari qeema and nihari are a whole other! Of course I didn’t actually make the Nihari, but I did make everything else, including Kulfi for dessert and I was quite proud of how it turned out. No fancy photos here, but here’s a picture of my spread before everyone destroyed it. Bear in mind that cooking is literally the smallest battle in the war that is a party. Cleaning up – Good Lord, cleaning up. A whole other story.
  2. I subscribed to the New York Times. 
    This was another brilliant thing I did. First of all, it’s $18 for 12 weeks. That’s way, way, WAY cheaper than I expect an issue to be, considering I live in the UK. Secondly, we need to support print media! The reason I subscribed was a combination of two things – a random ad on The Guardian saying that while newspaper readership was at a record high, profits were equally as low, and secondly, a really great article on a Child refugee making it to Calais. It was so engrossing, and I’m not sure nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things but it had been so long since I had read a proper article that wasn’t a blog or newspaper mini that it felt really refreshing. If you want to start, here are two great links to read:
    Europe’s Child Refugee Crisis – about a child escaping from Afghanistan
    The Cost of Caring  – about a Filipino nanny who hasn’t seen her kids for 16 years
    but the best thing is that there is so much content, whatever you are interested in, you are bound to find it. In my case, that’s lifestyle testimonials from different walks of life. And of course, the short stories.
  3. I watched The Night Manager and (started watching) Big Little Lies
    I mean these aren’t the greatest of the greatest things I’ve done, but I mean I’m staying relevant, that’s got to count for something.
  4. Not so Great Number ONE-through-ONEHUNDRED – Deeply, Deeply, Deeply Struggle with School
    What will become of this situation? Does anyone have any good answers for me?
  5. Realise that I’ve started talking about Money A Lot
    Small, very, very embarrassing things, like saying ‘not bad’ as I pick up the cheque for lunch, saying ‘I’m trying to stop shopping at Primark’ to someone wearing Ted Baker and Russell & Bromley and judging the value of a holiday on the fact that ‘It’s just £300 a head!’ have made me realise it’s time to stitch a stitch in time before it’s time for nine. Now wrap your head around that until next week.

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