The iPhone vs the allPhones

Things the iPhone can’t do that my android could do:

You can’t hard press the wifi symbol to get a list of available networks.

You can’t double tap notifications on the lock screen to open them in the app!

It keeps asking for two step authentication from another mac device -what if I don’t have one??

It has no stylus. And while I can’t fault this to the iPhone I can give it to my note 4.

It won’t let me send messages on WhatsApp unless I’m connected to the internet! Android would let me send them and then deliver once I got connectivity.

It doesn’t have a removable battery. What do I do when in 6 months it’s giving me 6 hours of battery life?

God it doesn’t have black and white ultra power saving mode! What do I do when I need 2% battery to last me three hours??

And all this after 2 days of having it. No I can’t honestly say it’s much better than an android at all. I think the problem is that back in the day the flagship (and only model) phone of apple was being pegged against the dozens of budget and mass options from Samsung etc. Of course the iPhone doesn’t match to the entry level lumias and Samsungs because this was their one and everything and I think that added to a lot of its hype. Everyone who owned an iPhone owned the best form of it and there was no opinion to counter it. Now, however, a combination of android upping their game massively (primarily boosted by the major game upping from google) and a fair user comparison to phones like the one plus 3 and the note 4, I think it’s safe to say the iPhone is just like any other phones with faults and credits. What I wonder though is why the iPhones faults are so readily forgiven in favour of its credits but the same cannot be said for any other phone.


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