Why are Pakistani Lifestyle Bloggers So Rare?

I’ve been searching YouTube for high-quality Pakistani lifestyle bloggers with pinterest-worthy channels but I have to say I’ve been very disappointed. I’m not sure what it is, by theoretically I can attribute this to one of three things

  1. We’ve got better things to do? I don’t mean this in a condescending way, I just mean that maybe we’ve got so many other things to sort out that even though it’s on the list it just comes way way way later. There’s this saying in Pashto that a full stomach speaks Persian (translated literally hence the lack of poetry) .. which.. basically means that once you’ve got all the basics covered, you can start going into the fancies.
  2. It just hasn’t caught on?
  3. We’re too afraid of putting it all out there, whether due to privacy or conservativeness.

I think it’s probably the third reason more than the others but I think we need more Content Creators like Bodmon Zaid (the only one I could sadly find, but who is legit killing it). I need to know how to make my life Pinterest worthy and I’m sorry but yoga mats and lattes just don’t work here!






2 thoughts on “Why are Pakistani Lifestyle Bloggers So Rare?

  1. Actually I think yes, the fact that it is considered a social breech of privacy, many women are reluctant to open up. I too took my sweet time generating content.. No I am not as high up there as Laiba, but trying to start out. Do check out my blog and share your views 🙂 Its Quezz Lifestyle here on wordpress.

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