Two Things Thursday

  1. I am not ready to have a baby. People have started asking me, I have started feeling the pressure – I just worry whether I’ll ever be ready. I feel I am far to selfish to really be a good mother. I was babysitting my angel of a nephew and while I love him, I resented having our dinner conversation be about a baby, I resented bonding with my husband only over how adorable he was.. surely there’s more to a couple’s life even when a baby comes in the picture but how can there be when it’s the single most adorable thing in any room?
  2. My husband has to choose between a rock and a hard place but in the best way possible. He got a job offer from a great company but the pay is kind of crap vs a job offer from a smaller company with a steller pay package. I know he will choose the former, which is probably the wiser decision, but hot damn if I didn’t want that money 😦

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