5 Things Wednesday

  1. I have started a habit tracker in my planner and I must say it’s working. It isn’t making me change my habits, but it is working in a different way – 1. It’s keeping my accountable. Even if I feel like crap most nights (which is a definite con to this thing), it serves as a reminder of the things I want to achieve at least. 2. Because I am operating on a reward system (5 habits, 5 days in a row, not necessarily at the same time) it keeps me from impulsively buying the small things that I have now kept as rewards instead. It’s small things like a scented candle, a new set of pens or a new bathrobe, but it’s still something to discipline myself over and practice some restraint for. So if nothing else, at least it’s teaching my patience and keeping my pockets full.
  2. The Husband is working on changing his job these days. Exciting, yet nerve-wracking. I must say, being a woman sucks in many ways but one of the biggest advantages is that if we so choose to – IF WE SO CHOOSE TO – we can adopt a supporting role rather than a high-pressure, high-stakes lead role like most men have to. Yes, yes, society shouldn’t inflict gender roles, a real man would do what he wants etc etc but the fact of the matter is deciding to be a stay-at-home husband is a LOT harder than deciding to be a stay-at-home wife and for that I am truly sorry/thankful depending on whose side I’m looking at it from. It’s hard having the pressure of a family on your shoulder. He is my age and knows little more than I do but I cannot imagine having to make such big decisions. Also it’s REALLY hard getting out of bed in the morning 😦
  3. We have followed a meal plan for 4 days this week which is legitimately some sort of personal record. The hard part, however, is not coming up with a plan for the first week but the second week. So hard to think of unique meals for every night of the week.
  4. The worst thing to ever happen to universities is Group Projects. One of my modules has a group project this semester and we have to choose our own group! I hate this stress, I hate feeling like I’m in 9th grade again and I have no idea what will happen if I can’t manage to get a group together.
  5. I’m reading a book about World War II these days and I think it’s very important we take a moment now and then to thank the Lord that we are not in a time where we are hiding from bombs or being persecuted for our.. well. I shouldn’t say not in a time, I should say not in a country. Because Syria is very much in the same world as us and maybe this is what Americans during World War II felt too? Only an occasional reminder of the consistent atrocities conducted on people across the ocean.

Sigh. As you were then.


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