Operation: Get Yo Shill Together Pt. 1

Well I have a bullet journal now, so I guess that speaks for itself. At least it would if it weren’t for the fact that my mom and grandmother and aunt and everyone else I know has had a ‘bullet journal’ for decades – if you can call writing down a list and ticking it off or otherwise marking it at the end of the day a bullet journal. I of course have the more 20th Century version of a Bullet Journal – or a BuJo as they call it in facebook groups and communities (yes, I’ve joined the UK Chapter, sue me.) with spread and trackers and colored pens and a desire for washi tape. Is it making me more productive? Surprisingly yes. I’m just starting out and I’m trying very hard to keep it at a manageable, non-pinterest-therfore-non-lifeconsuming level, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

The front my notebook, picked up in HomeSense
My monthly layouts
My Habit Tracker with Rewards at the bottom
My Daily Pages
My Grocery List on the left (removable and replaceable) and my Goals Path on the right

My favourite page is the one where I have a habit tracker and rewards underneath it to motivate me. For now, I’ve set a target of any 4 habits, followed for 7 days in a row. And then I can choose any reward I want. I also like my weight tracker as it sort of helps me visualise moving towards a goal and makes me feel like I am getting somewhere (even if I’m really not – I cheated and wrote my peak weight as one measured after a very heavy meal).

Whether it works or not, it is the system I’ve stuck with longest (after trying a FiloFax sort as well as printing the free Passion Planner and getting it bound for £6) so I guess it has the most potential. I think part of its charm lies in the fact that whereas those other planners are only novel for a week, a BuJo resets its novelty every time you create a new spread because it is entirely in your control to change it.


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