October Tonight

My favourite time of the day is the night when the whole day has settled down, the hum of the dishwasher makes me feel like my jobs for the day are done (even if they’re all waiting for me tomorrow), and there is nothing else left to think about except what I wish to. Today, that means considering how to begin planning for our next holiday, wondering if I need more pens (I think the answer to that is never a yes) and a re-emphasized desire on how much I love my MacBook.

Yes, there’s always the looming worry of Monday morning classes, projects that are waiting for my attention.. confusion on whether or not I should go to Pakistan in December.. wait, remind me again why I was feeling tranquil and serene?

I think it’s because prior to 15 minutes ago, I had a very cute but very noisy 2-year old running around my lounge, a much older less noisier husband needing sick-person-caring, and a whole load of laundry waiting to be dealt with. But now the boys are both asleep and I have my Mango and Strawberry tea waiting for me to deal with them, so I shall get right to it.


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