Visiting the Twinings Flagship Store


I must have walked along The Strand some 25 times at the very least – more in fact since I used to take a bus from there when I worked in Leicester square. Yet I managed to miss this quaint little shop every single time. I would be very angry at my complete lack of observation had I not seen just how easy it was to miss once I did see it.

Tucked away between a bakery and a Pod store is the flagship (and possibly only brick and mortar store) of classic English teamaker, Twinings. My quest for individually wrapped fruit teas led me here but what greeted me was England in the form of a store with biscuits, tea, royal portraits and classical music all around me.


When you enter the store you are greeted with literally dozens and dozens of varieties of tea. Flavours I didn’t know existed, divided by type of tea (black, green, white, fruit etc). Incredibly affordable for what they are (priced at £3 o average for a box of 20-25), with each variety accompanied with a little jar of leaves for your sniffing pleasure. At the back is a little cafe style tasting room and a ‘museum’ if we can call it that (I’ve included the entirety of it in the picture below, but it was really interesting nonetheless). Apart from tea, the store also sells a tonne of biscuits and tea-centered gadgetry, but I did find that to be rather expensive for what it was.

Most important of all, however, is the section I made my way over for – pick and mix teabags! Priced at £0.15 each, I got 25 packs for 3.75 – that’s barely £1 over the price of a box and you get your choice of tea, individually packed for freshness. That’s incredible, especially when you consider the website has each listed for £0.25, plus £3.99 for shipping.

Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to bringing my dad here when he visits this winter.


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