I loved this book. I knew I would based on the fact that Wolitzer’s last book was largely plotless but driven (and largely enjoyable) by well drawn character sketches and an intricate if shallow plotline. The Interestings was no different. It’s a book that examines 6 gifted teenagers navigating their way through their adult life and relationships. It was a character driven plot, and I really enjoyed it because it never got slow. Wolitzer goes through the book showing each character’s perspective on a somewhat common landscape, and then reaching that final climax coming from someone entirely different. It was a nice enjoyable read, a good ending that had me crying (surprise, surprise) and I look forward to buying my own copy and reading it again*.


*this is a common thing that I do. I want my bookshelf to represent who I am and I can therefore only keep books that I have truly loved on it. To avoid buying books I’ll have to get rid of, I first read either an ebook or borrow a copy from the library and if I like it, I buy the book. Then to make my book truly my own, I read it. It’s a complicated system but it works.


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